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Terri provides a tailored approach so that each child and each family receive the best recommendations for them. Terri works with your family in your home, either in person or virtually, providing you with a unique dietetic experience. 

Personal Assessment & Education

In Home or Virtual Appointments


How to Raise a Healthy Eater

Come Plant With Us



How to Rock That School Lunch

Feeding Your Baby: First Bite to First Birthday


Speaking Engagements 


In the comfort of your home

In this individual appointment Terri will work with you and your family's unique needs to provide you with an assessment and plan customized for you.  Evenings and weekend availability in your home or on-line.


In Person and On Line

Terri offers a variety of workshops to meet her clients needs - both in person within Centre Wellington and in on-line format. Some workshops offered in the past include How To Raise A Healthy Eater & Come Plant With Us.


On-Line Group Format

Terri offers educational courses to help you feed your family. Courses include live video sessions, handouts, option for Q&A as well as a private Facebook community with other course members for peer and facilitator support.

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