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Welcome to Tiny Bites Nutrition

Updated: Mar 3, 2020

Hi! I'm Terri. I want to help you!

I want to help you feed your family.

I know.... I know it isn't easy out there now. I know you are doing your absolute best. I know you are rocking this parenting thing.

I also know I can help.

I know meal times can be stressful. I know you you just want your child to eat. I know you want them to eat healthy, nourishing foods that will fuel their physical and mental growth.

I know you are also confused by all the conflicting information out there. From your mother-in-law to your friends, to your social media feeds and your parent groups, they all tell you, you should be feeding your child differently.

I combine my expertise as a dietitian and my experience as a mom to bring you a customized experience to help you feed your family.

What are you waiting for? Tell me how I can help you!

Connect with me at tinybitesnutrition@gmail.com to start your journey towards happy and healthy meal times with your family!

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