About Tiny Bites Nutrition


Terri has been working as a Registered Dietitian as a member of an interdisciplinary health team for over 11 years. Terri was drawn to pediatrics early as she understood this an opportunity to foster lasting and healthy relationships and habits with food in the next generation.

Terri excels at providing parents with the knowledge, tools and confidence to meet their family goals, wherever they are at with whatever barriers they may face. 

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Becoming a mother to three provided real life experience in nourishing children through infancy to toddlerhood and into school age. 

Terri’s professional and personal experience made her a sought out expert in pediatric dietary issues. Terri has specialized her education in this area and has been invited to speak as podcast guest and present at conferences. 

Tiny Bites Nutrition

Tiny Bites Nutrition was officially launched in 2018. After years of watching friends, family and many parents on social media struggle with feeding their children, Terri decided to create a change. She followed her passion and created Tiny Bites Nutrition. Here she shares evidence based nutrition information in hopes of helping other parents navigate the deluge of misinformation available today. 
Terri's goal is that Tiny Bites Nutrition is a source of trusted and relatable information for anyone feeding children.